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Consumer reports magazine writes about products and services considering their quality, warranty, company commitment, reliability and affordability. This is a magazine that looks out for customers and the decisions they make when buying products or ordering from service websites. After reviewing products, this magazine goes ahead to rank the best companies and the worst services to avoid.

Consumer reports magazine depends on the reviews posted by customers online. E-Commerce is the in-thing nowadays; every consumer is buying products from online and having them delivered at the door step. After using a product or service, consumers are leaving their comments and experiences. The feedback shared online is meant to help other consumers make informed decisions.

Students as Consumers

Getting to school is very important as it determines the kind of future you will have. For students who are enrolling in college, you may find learning to be challenging with all the assignments that are coming in. But eventually after you have graduated with good grades, you will come to understand why your professor assigned countless academic papers for you to write. And with the Internet, it is now easy for you to delegate some assignments to the professionals while you handle the rest. There are essay writing companies online that are ready to help. But before that, students need to take a look at consumer testimonials from jaylygonwrites.com.

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Writing companies: Reviews

Using an essay writing company alternative for the first time, it is not easy to separate the good from the ugly. All essay writing companies look the same to you and offer similar services, from research papers, proposals, thesis, dissertations, analytical essays and lab reports among others. The features look similar and they claim to have put up plagiarism checkers to ensure the paper that is delivered is of high quality. However, until you have received your paper and checked it, you are not to trust a company first.

How we work

See jaylygonwrites.com, and find detailed reviews on essay writing companies shared by students who have used them before. You will also view our numerical ranking system of the best essay companies. We are making it easy for students to select the best company through our numerical system. Take note that we have focused on the primary factors that result in good decision making.

Criteria of Ranking

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Affordability
  • Customer Care